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I took out a loan in February of this year for a car and suffered through six months of nonsense with this company. The staff sounds like they are located in the Virgin Islands and they really don't give a *** about customers. They make lots of mistakes, they are rude and with the high interest they charge it's not worth the trouble. I got an opportunity to refinance with the another company and cut 15 months and $3,000 off of my payments with... Read more

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I have received NUMEROUS calls about someone with a similar name as mine and I have continued to tell them that this person IS NOT me, but they continue to call and NOW have their "investigation department" calling to say they have a "claim" they need to deliver to me!!! I AM FED UP AND TIRED OF THIS HARASSMENT! I have told them that I would report them if I continued to receive calls about someone else's I am filing a complaint... Read more

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I love the costumer service everyone is always so nice! We are worked with when absolutely needed my husband lost his job and they did the best they could to help us keep caught up!!

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My Santander loan was included in my bankruptcy on June 10th but I had signed a reaffirmation agreement, my account was disabled on there end for over 2 months, I called them and they said the account was out of service because of my bankruptcy not being discharged yet, it was discharged on August 8th, I still could not access my account to pay on my loan, then bam I get hit with phone calls and finally a statement saying I was deliquent by... Read more

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I too am having the same issues with Santander, when I send extra check for principle only it goes to balance and mostly interest or some times just interest... I am interested in a lawsuit against these predators. when i called them to discuss this matter they told me it was correct and then they blocked my number so i couldnt call them. This is getting ridiculous and something needs to be done to stop these people! please help me whatever it... Read more

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Just looked at my extra payment to Santander for my RV payment. This extra payment is always clearly marked principle only. This time instead of applying it to principle only, they applied it to Interest and Principle. Maybe this is an improvement? I usually get it only applied to Interest. This is the third month in a row I have had to call and get them to change it back to principle only. When I asked "Sammy" the online line customer... Read more

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Started out our car loan for $17,689 4 years ago on a 2010 Nissan Sentra.After my husband's hours was cut , we could no longer pay the big payment of $410. Looked the car's blue book value was overpriced by $11,000....I was already upside down when I opened the loan.They gave me deferrments(3) but did not tell me that they were charging huge late fees, huge interest, and fee's for deferring , after 4 yrs. On a 5 we still owe... Read more

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This issue is still not resolve, they are coming up with all type of excuse or ways to have me pay them some money that I don't have it am a retiree on a fixed income. If they had done their homework in the legal manner as it should have been done and as I was praying for their would not have been an issue. If they had done this in a proper way they would seen that I had a car note for 520.00 that I had with Gateway Lending Financial Corp,... Read more

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Santander Consumer Usa - Horrible practices which should be illegal
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So over the course of the past 3 years, I have missed three payments. This was only after communicating with the bank by phone and getting their permission. Never once was I told that they are expecting that missed payment IMMEDIATELY. So after thoroughly researching this situation online, I come to realize this is one of their primary predatory practices. They will start claiming that each and every subsequent payment is late, they will add... Read more

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I purchased a Saturn Ion through another finance company and was notified that Santander bought the loan from them. I was supposed to make my payments through them now. I had a few deferments because of hardships-they were there to help. I appreciate that. I just do not understand how its been almost 7 years- I have paid 81 payments of 326.00 on an 8K car the past three years I have paid my car note on time sometimes doubling the payments and... Read more

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