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this was in 2011 my husband went to co sign for my granddaughter and the same name Santander was on the contract that we got the car from Kingdom Chevrolet on 66th and Western he two was showed where to sign on the contract and then the sales person gave the contract to my granddaughter which was more than right since it was her car but a few months later my granddaughter started getting traffic tickets and the only way I found out I was at her home when the mail came and saw mail in my husband name so I did some investigation and found out that my husband had bought the car no co sign like I thought so a rep from Chevrolet told me that my husband was told that he bought the car why would he buy a car and neither one of us no how to drive and because of that we had to filed bankruptcy because she had about 5,500 dollars worth of tickets since we never knew about the tickets and because she didn't pay any of them they started doubling and then she let someone else drive it got an a accident with a budget rental which they tried to sue us for damages over 10,000 dollars and still to this day they still sticking with that lie that my husband knew if he knew we woukld have taken the car back

Product or Service Mentioned: Santander Consumer Usa Auto Loan.

Reason of review: my husband was tricked into buying a car.

Monetary Loss: $9000.

Preferred solution: since it is to late for me i just hope that BBB look into this because my husband isn't the only person that this happen to quite a few people i know excperience the same issue i tried to get them to tell what happen but like my husband it was a while ago.

I didn't like: Predatory lender poor customer service, Planned exploitation and inaccurate information processes, Being lied to about refinancing.

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This whole thing is a trainwreck.


Somebody needs to go back to school, it's obvious you don't know how to read or write. First of all before I sign anything I'm a read it first. It's not Santander fault that your husband failed to read what he was signing into.

to Anonymous217 #1380385

This sight is called pissed off consumers not comedy central you should re-read your comment you stated that somebody need to go back to school then you stated (you) need to go back to school apparently you are the one with the reading and writing problem what since did that statement make now what you should have stated (my husband needs to go back to school) not you where in my post that I stated who fault it was I didn't and you're right I have told him numerous times to read everything and anything that has to do with contracts so feel free to take my advice and go back to school I laughed so much that I told friends and family to go to pissed off consumers sight if they needed a good laugh they asked me to asked you to will it be possible for you to do it again so we decided to share it with others to get there opinion so we posted it on Twitter and Facebook everybody that read it called you a joke so can you please post something else funny your public awaits

to Grandmother00 #1380724

Well well what wrong thought now you would have a comeback line it been what a day or two lost count my people are still laughing you can't much blame them you and the other anonymous person which I think you are both would you like to know why well I'm going to tell you anyway apparently you either work there or know someone who does and if you're the only person with a comment which truth be known it's not a comment it's a complaint so since you're so well educated you should have known the difference and since your post is similar to the other anonymous person it stands to reason that you're both one in the same which is ashamed I thought by you being so over my head with how brilliant you are and how I'm not but one thing I'm sure of that God or do you believe in anything or anyone other than yourself your attempt to make me feel small only show people the real you so if the only way you can be happy is by tearing others down I would say I feel sorry for you but I would be lying I feel nothing but sorrow for the many people your actions is going to hurt but I'm still waiting on a nasty comeback so please let's not disappoint your fans

to Anonymous217 #1380388


to Anonymous217 #1381035

Well anonymous I it's been interesting but my time here bout to come to a end don't think it's because of your comments it's not this I thought this site was for people to use as a source to see if others might have similar issue and it very well might be but that's a chance that I'm not willing to take i have grown grandchildren yes they know how to read and write I have to set an example to let them know that anger is a weapon not a solution and if i continue on this site i probably would say something that i can't take back is why i called Lisa Madigan office and explain that the owners of this sight do not protect there consumers from unnecessary you have the right to your remarks but you took it a little further than you needed to by verbally attacking my education you know you didnt have to say the thing about school or the reading and writing all you needed to say that it was my husband fault and left it at that but you wanted a reaction from me so here it is i also called CARPLS Legal Aid Hotline found out i could sue you for damfamation of character but i told the lawyer you are not worth it so now it's in the hands of the attorney general's office and my legal aid lawyer my post and your dumb remarks will be gone soon let me leave you with some free advice you never know how others will react to your abuse so you need to keep it professional and comment on the issues


One continuous run-on sentence! I'm impressed!

No punctuation, no sentence structure, nothing! I'm really impressed! Your husband FAILED to read what he was signing.

That was ALL HIS FAULT and nobody else is to blame! The BBB with all their BS is NOT part of ANY government body and has absolutely zero authority to do anything.

to Anonymous #1380389

C this sight is called pissed off consumers not how 2 read or write so either u work there or no someone that do cause I read some others post n they were similar 2 mines guess what I didn't c any of ur comment on there issue so u n da other nimrod that had something negative u 2 need to comprehend what u read just like I posted where do it say who fault it was I didn't and you're right I have told him numerous times to read everything and anything that has to do with contracts which makes it his own fault i post my issue on this sight 2 c if anybody had a similar issue with this company so trust me no 1 is thinking bout ur remark I did da same thing with da nimrod( I just luv that word ) my friends n family read ur comment n said da same thing I work there or no someone that do cause I read some others post n they were similar to mines guess what I didn't c ur comment bout something so trival as reading n writing so my friends n family read ur comment bout my issue so they think u r a joke but not me so they asked can u plz post something else thats funny my so we all posted ur comment on Twitter and Facebook some ppl thought I made it up they couldn't believe that u was more focus on how n what da issue was so I told em since u r a person who no how 2 read n write 2 get ur attention so that u can go on da verbal attack n post something else all i have 2 do is mess with dareading n writing don't u just luv my writing anyway thank u sooo much 4 ur honesty can u reply sooner rather than later ur fans await 4 ur next comment neither can I remember it's called pissed off consumers then again u r pissed off cause I fail 2 used da right words so I hope u like da run on n slang language I aim 2 plz

to Grandmother00 #1380717

Well anonymous 217 I'm not sure if both anonymous are you which makes no difference to me because you both are two very honest people you know how I can tell how many people you know names are anonymous it take great courage to reveal a name like anonymous I have to give you your props you do know what props wasn't sure since you so good at reading and writing don't want to do nothing to upset a very special person that pride themselves on correct English anyway my people check and they have yet to see another reply to my last post so not to rush you but can you post something soon the suspense is killing us you do know that its killing us is just a phrase that we mere uneducated people say so come on I know people can get writer blocks so if that' all it is will check back in a few days hope I can wait that long you have such a way with words hope to hear from you soon and by the way I have another complaint but this might take awhile I want to make sure I don't disappoint you and not do my famous run on sentences

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