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class action law-Santander-citifincial auto

Call with questions, we have been taken advantage of these guys way to long, its time to take a stand..we have rights too!

let the attorney handle it for us and dont wait too many people have been affected by this criminal empire. it doesnt matter who they are we need to put this to rest and stand up for our rights! join me in this quest for justice! too many have been repo's and we dont have any time to waist!

we have to stick together and help each other.they are totally taking advantage of us as if we have no recourse!

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Jackson, Tennessee, United States #849078

Please call me or email me regarding Santander.Had an expedition under loan with citifinancial and almost paid for.

They sold to Santander, and determined with interest, ect..I had a MUCH larger debt."PredatorLoan"


Santander bought my loan from another company about 2 years ago and have had trouble ever since, the late fees are outragious.About a year ago I lost my job due to a medicial issue and I have paid what I could every month and have not missed a month,they keep on charging a late fee on top of already late fees.

over half of what I owe still is late fees of which they will not negotiate.They call sometines 4 to 6 times a day and use different numbers too,tired of this harassment, and will file lawsuit against them.


Was sitting here watching tv and what pop up.SANTANDER CONSUMER CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT.

Call this this # to place your claim.1-800-791-2144


Santander Consumer bought my auto loan from Triad.My contract stated 60 payments.

My contract matured on September 17, 2011 and I received a phone call in October 2011 stating I still owe them 1500.00 in car payments and late fee. I spoke with an individual I stated to him I thought they have made an error, because I have made my 60 payments. He then stated I had place two payments at the end of my loan. So, we both logged onto my account and went through the accout.

I showed him where I made a double payment in February 2011 and he then stated I only owe for one more paymentand $75.00 in late fees. Iasked if they could wave the late fee so I get my title. He state they do not waver late fees. I told him that website have me owing 1500.00.

He could not explain why it stated that amount. I have made 62 payment to them and they are still calling and harrassing me for a payment.

I have a least 20-30 calls a month from them and I was not even 30 days late on a payment.I am so upset and stressed over this matter


My dad bought a 2004 chevy malibu from these crooks after he went bankrupt,We have made 47 payments of 321.64 on this car,I chatted with one of the agents online in october about missing a payment so we could do some work on the car,They told me it was okay,Now I find out they have added over 100 dollars on the payoff and they keep calling even when we tell them when we will make the next payment,I figure we will have paid 20 grand on this car by the time it is paid off,I wish we would have never heard of these CROOKS


:cry Sandtander is Bullsh** to correct my mistakes in my first blog, let me say this I owe 9,000 still on a van that I purchased in 2006, mind you this van should be paid off this year 2011 --but Sandtander took over the loan from HSBC and now they claim my loan want be paid in full till 2015.When I make my payment and ask for a pay out I never knew your payout will not change for months on end.

I been at the same payout on my an for months, when you been making payments on a car for over 5 to 6 years your balance on your account should be nearly close to nothing, but *** my payout is still over $9000--Sandtander has taken me for all my money, My van is not even worth $2500 five years down the road and still paying for another 3 years.Come on someone enlighten me on what Sandtander is doing.


i :cry OMG!!I brought a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan through HSBC which sold the loan to SandTander, OMG what the *** happen, I brought this car back in 2006 so that mean 2011 my van would have been paid for, when I got notice from Sandtander they told me that my loan is will be paid in full in 2015, what the *** happen, I am so mad with this d*m company.

They call my job, my parents house, work, and they call all day on Sunday till payments that my loan still sit at the same payoff amount for 7 months and only change by 200 dollars, this is bulls***, trust me they are fraud fraud frauds, someone please contact me and help me, I owe over 9,000 still on a van that should have been paid off this year 2011 but they say I have still 3 more years when Sandtander took


Our loan on 2006 GMC Sierra is through Santander they purcased it from our lender who when out of business.We always have trouble keeping our account straight.

About four years ago we had a couple on paymenst put back to bring our account current, but we always seem to be behind. When I call to inquire a customer service agent always says "we have incurred late fees and always quote the wrong amount as our monthly payments.

And the robo calls we get them all day, night, and early morning, I just stop answering.Sign me up!


How do I join in lawsuit these people are so corrupt it just isn't fair!


how do you get money for something you have already sold. That is called fraud and extortion.

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