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The company where i got my car from got me this bad lender loan. I knew nothing about them.

When you got bad credit this what happen to good people. I had the car 4 years and decided to call them up and told them to come and get it.

I never missed a payment and the car was in good condition. A year later the filed a lawsuit against me for a car thats not even worth what they are asking for.

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Smart...real, real smart! I'm impressed!

YOU brought the car back as a VOLUNTARY REPO. You bet they're going to sue you for the rest of the loan amount!

YOU were placed with this deadbeat lender because YOU destroyed YOUR credit by being a serial deadbeat. I suspect that's all way over your head as you sorry serial deadbeats just don't have much in the way of intelligence, otherwise you wouldn't be coming here to cry and whine about the consequences YOU cause!!!


I guess you shouldn't have given yourself BAD CREDIT...right? Turning the car in is a voluntary repo and it does not make the loan vanish into the clear blue sky.

You are still on the hook for the remainder of the loan balance.

Nothing new here. It happens everyday when people make their car get repo'ed!

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