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Ok. So I have had my car now almost 2 yrs.

Its a 2014. I ran into a some trouble making my payments on time. They would be 15 days late at most. But I would call.

I did a deferment to catch myself up after some family issues that were not foreseeable. I was granted the deferment on 7/26/16 and my payments were not due until 9/30/16. I made my payment late again (my fault this time) It was paid on the 20th of October (for September) , and it left a balance for the month of October to be due on 10/30/16. As usual, I will pay late, on the 18th of November (keep in mind I am only 14 days last for last months payment and this months payment is NOT DUE YET) ((For October)).

I started seeing the "THEM BOYS" riding past my house, so I called and asked is everything ok on my account, I was given the answer yes. I log into my account on today (11/13/16) to find out that I owe $749.87. Wait a minute. They are saying (Per website) that I owe for October and November and November isn't even due, thus making it seem like I am 2 months behind.

????? WTF is going on. Its a Sunday so no one is in the office. I have to put my car away until they can tell me WTF is going on.

This is not a glitch.

This a way to try and repo the car just because.


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Apopka, Florida, United States #1242926

Guess what Einstein, it's YOUR account and YOU are the responsible party. Therefore, EVERY time YOU are late it is YOUR fault.

The collections actions were turned on by YOU. If you don't like the collection actions which YOU CAUSED, then YOU pay YOUR bills on time rather than blaming everyone else for YOUR default. YOU were placed with them because YOU gave yourself a documented and verified reputation of being a deadbeat.

Here you are with this still haven't learned and you are still a deadbeat. Let's see, that means you are nothing more than a sorry, serial deadbeat!!!

to Anonymous Erie, Pennsylvania, United States #1243153

How many times can you use the word "deadbeat" in one paragraph? I guess you think you're a big man who talks *** online. YOU NEED COUNSELLING!!

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