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--- Den tor 2011-02-17 skrev ntsalgarve :

Fra: ntsalgarve Emne: Vs: Santander Totta BankTil: recebimentos@logicomer.ptDato: Torsdag 17. februar 2011 09.29

I dont understand ytour way off doing business. First you all threaten me with some clause/penalty or the other . And when I write back you dont answer but instead I now recieve another bill frrom Santander Totta - and I assume it is for a card Lighyt MC1 0051 - 18509950011 were the limit is stated at 4000 euros. This letter dated 2011.02.11 now demands 167 euros for a product I neither have nor used.for million of years.....Nor have I taken any credit or loan from this card.

In the interest of your public relations I will take these illegal demands to the concerned authorities and the media If you and your client Santander Bank do not desist with malpractise with immediate effect. I would also request that you send this letter to your client too.

And I would strongly request that you confirm my email as soon as possible.

regardsEdward DawesNorway

--- Den lør 2011-01-22 skrev ntsalgarve :

Fra: ntsalgarve Emne: Til: recebimentos@logicomer.ptDato: Lørdag 22. januar 2011 00.36

Your ref nr FIATR/LC/36708

I have recieved a letter in Portugese from you today which I dont understand at all nor do I know your company. The last few days I have also recieved some sort of calls in Portugese.


Concerning Banco Santander I have no transcations with them nor do I have any account longer nor have I used their services in any way for around 8/10 years. Nor do I have a valid card for many years. I did have an account but that was not used for many years and was finally terminated in front of me in the bank at Lagos a couple of years ago. The bank lady assured me then that I no longer had an account with the bank.

Please explain what is this is all about.

rgdsEdward Dawes

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