My loan was bought out by Santander. They never notified me of the change until I recieved a "past due" notice. Having not been notified, I made my timely payments to the original bank, who I confirmed forwarded on the payments to Santander weekly. Santander admitted they received my payments but were still going to charge me a late fee, even though the original bank received and forwarded prior to the due date. I reluctantly paid the late fees.

Santander then charged me 3 more late fees saying they could not waive them since they were from the original bank, not their fees. Again, I confirmed with my original lender that I had never been late. $30 more in fraudulent late fees.

To counter any delays they have in processing, I paid the next payment nearly 3 weeks ahead of the due date. I had to hand write the envelope because their invoice had not yet arrived. They called 5 days after the due date to say they hadn't received it. Michael, i.d. MYAN, talked over me and wouldn't let me speak. Yet, he yelled at me for interrupting him. Michael treated me like I was some dead-beat. He wanted my bank info over the phone for an immediate payment and was going to charge me an additional $10.95 for this service. A late fee had not even been assessed yet. BTW, the late fee is only $10.

I'm a good customer and always pay my bills on time. I'm currently refinancing this with a better bank just so I don't have to ever deal with Santander again.

Review about: Santander Consumer Usa Loan.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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If you'd like to talk to someone about unfair late fees charged by Santander, please e-mail me at BobSullivan4@gmail.com


I don't know which organized crime organization is running this company, but it is the most corrupt company I've ever seen. My car loan was sold to them from CitiFinancial Auto, wasn't notified, wasn't send late notices.

One week before Christmas, some big good BANGS on my door in the middle of the night demanding my car keys and saying that I'm behind on my payments. Scared the *** out of me! He didn't identify himself and he was dressed in all dark clothing. They took my car, which was worth more than what I owed and then a few weeks later I get a letter (finally) from Santander saying my car was sold for $750 and I owe the balance!

What? My car was worth $4,000 (KBB) and my balance owing on the car loan was around $2,000, yet they auction it off for only the amount owed to the repo man! My guess is this foreign corporation is owned and run by a foreign organized crime gang. You can't contact them, they don't notify you, they are rude when you call, you can't get into your account info online.

It's as if they WANT to hide from you. I will file for bankruptcy before I pay this gang of criminals a penny!

And from reading some of the posts here, even if you do pay them, they say you have not and still come and take your vehicle. And unfortunately I live in a State with a very weak and incompetent attorney general so I think my only recourse will be to file bankruptcy if these criminals try to shake me down for anymore money.


I am going through the same problem with this company. They bought my auto loan from Citi which is as corrupt.

I had my loan for 6 yrs. I purchased my car and paid 20.0000 dollars for it. Then out of nowhere they repossessed it....stating I missed 5 payments. I have proof of cancelled checks.

They are operating a scam on the American people.

I have every intention to notify the Attorney General. I will not give up until this matter is resolved.


I agree and I hold Citi Financial responsible for selling my loan - that was in good standing to this piece of (*&(%^* company. I could pay online twice per month, which helped a lot, and there was never a late charge. I was also not notified of the change until after I had already mailed a payment and had to go through a mess to get it credited to my account.


They bought my loan from citi-financial, I have always been on auto debit, They take my payments automaically every 5th of the month, When they bought the loan they called me on the 7th and said I was late, I explained i'm on auto pay, Then they said not scice they bought the loan, So I made a payment, Went to their website and filled out autopay form and got confimation email from them, Next month a cakk on the 7th said my payment is late, They never recieved my autopay request and iread the confirm email to her, Had to reapply for autopay again, Got the confirm and called them so they would update my account.. Dont trust them, When they called I would have only been 2 days late...Shouldnt one be notified when a company buy's your loan, I have a feeling they know all the tricks, Loopholes to leagaly extort the poor people who cant afford to fight back.. And the government lets them get away with it....They suck, The government and santander.


Warning!!!! Make sure that you keep good records and make the payments early. I just paid Santander and they said that I had late fees that weren't paid and they repossessed the vehicle. I know have over $1800 in reposession fees that have to be paid to get the vehicle back. They are also charging us additional fees for storage and administrative fees to the Repo company.

My payments were paid on time, they posted them late and charged late fees. Now I have to pay repo fees and admin fees. They have just made over $2000 for me making my payments on time.

My attorney said that this happens all the time.


I had the exact same problem with them. They would also hold my payment until after the due date so they could get late charges.

I started sending payment with signature confirmation. Then found out that they receive bulk mail at 2am in the morning.

They sign and can't get out of it now. This is by far the worst place I have ever delt with.

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