my name is louis a johnson this is my third complaint about this company some one needs to step in and investagate this company because of what they are doing to hard working people like myself my car payment was paid in full in september 28 of 2012 the said that my title will be sent to me between 7 to 10 days if not i will have to wait for 45 days inwhich ive waited for more than that now everytime i call the company up about my title i get the run around or no one can tell nothing except that the information i give them about me is not the same as they have on file inwhich is nonsense to me cause ive been dealing with them for four years now this is like my fourth time making a complaint against this company and i see that iam not the only one with this problem all i want is my title to my car thats old to me so i can be done with this company

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Houston, Texas, United States #621032

Please write the BBB on this company they need to be reported. as of today they have no reports on them.

Columbus, Ohio, United States #588538

I still have not received my title, my car loan was paid in full in July 2012. I get the run around every time I call.

They say they sent it, but it is still listed as a lien hold, though it shows a 0 balance.

I paid $18,000 for this car, the title is mine. If they do not want to give me my title, I feel they should give me back my $18,000 and they can have the *** car too.

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