I had my loan with Triad for over 3 years who then sold my loan to Santander which is about as bad as it gets, people. I have been making additional payments throught the years so how is it my payoff is more than I owe?

I called customer service and she placed me on hold and never came back on the line. I look at my statments and they have screwed them all up!!

I have always paid my bill on time and to get someone on the phone takes an act of God! Trying to find someone else to refinance my truck!!

Review about: Santander Consumer Usa Loan.

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We have had no problems with this company. The interest rate sucks, but that was our own fault. All payments have been applied appropriately and I have emails to prove it.


Payoff usually includes any fees and or interest that has added up throughout the life of your loan...It is on all loans, trust me, I have paid a bazzillion student loans and they are the same


Did you ever find a way to refinance? I am trying to get out of this company too, their customer service is about as bad as they come.

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