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I've had a car loan with HSBC Auto for the past 2 years, 2 months ago HSBC sold all of their auto loans to a company called santander consumer usa. When they did this switch 2 months ago alot of people who had scheduled their auto loan payments before the switch were double billed, which unfortunately happened to me.

I noticed this error on their part on 3/21/10 and contacted Santander and was told that this had happened as a result of the switch, I was not the only one this happened to, and that they would be refunding my money in 48 to 72 hours. I explained to the agent that the double payment had cause my checking account to overdraft and i had accumulated $99 in fees, she said that Santander would cover any overdraft charges I had received , to simply print out my checking account statement and fax it to them, then as soon as they received my fax I would received the $99 in 48--72 hours. I called the next day 3/22/10 and was told that yes they had received my fax, but that the money would take 3 to 5 business days to be refunded. As of 3/29/10 I still had no refund.

I called that day and was told that they still had no idea when I'd be receiving my refund, and that they were very sorry, and for the hardship they had put me through they would be giving me a 2 month deferment on paying the loan on my car, I said ok and they recorded my voice saying I was agreeing to the 2 month deferment. On 3/31/10 I received the original refund amount for the payment on my car (216 hours later!), then I received a check for the $99 dollars in overdraft fees on 4/10/10, again much longer time that I was promised. I thought the situation had been resolved. I logged into my account a week later online to see that it was saying I was delinquent, I called and asked why was it saying i was delinquent if I had received a 2 month deferment?

They said that the "request" for deferment had been denied, I said I did not request it I was offered it for it taking over 3 weeks to get all my money back, they said ok were sorry well have a manager re-do the request. I called back on the 19th to make sure, and I was told yes, the deferment was approved and that my next payment wouldnt be due till 5/25/10. Well today 5/2/10, I was called by Santander and told that I was 38 days delinquent on my account, I spoke to a manager who told me that my deferment was approved, but they had mailed me something I was supposed to sign and mail back and since I didnt, they revoked the deferment, I told them no one EVER told me anything about signing anything or that Id ever be receiving a letter, and that I had received no such letter. He told me that there was nothing he could do, that I now owed them 3 payments today, as well as 20 dollars in late fees.

I am at my witts end with this company, I have never been treated like this with any company before , I don't know what to do, I think I'm going to hire a lawyer since they are saying im 38 days delinquent now and I dont want that on my credit, i have never made a late payment to any loan, or credit card I have!

I talked to 3 different managers there at santander, I have their names, and direct phone numbers, ive left them dozens of messages, no one ever called me back. All in all when i go to buy my next car and if Santander was the lowest APR out there, I would never go with them again!

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Dude, right on there breothr.


Contact that attny about a possible class action suite Todd Friedman Law offices - 888-595-9111.


I had them take over my loan from HSBC in April of 2010. the first payment I made over their web page double billed me.

I called them to try to work something out and either cancel or get a refund so I could get grocery money, and they were completely obstinate about it. They claimed that I had entered 2 payments of $500 each at both 5:08pm and 5:26pm. I asked them why would I schedule 2 payments within 18 minutes of each other for the exact same amount to be taken out the same day? They wouldn't hear anything else about it.

I mentioned that I would contest the transaction with my bank, and she said "a bounced transaction can lead to repossession of your vehicle even if the payments are up to date, and it will incur an additional $350 charge for the bounced transaction." She basically said if I disputed the charge, they'd repossess my car. The woman actually hung up on my when I asked for a supervisor. The same thing happened again the following February (a week and a day ago as of this note) with a slightly smaller payment.

They were exactly as obstinate about it the second time around.

I filed a complaint with the BBB and am filing a small claims suit for the overdraft fees they incurred. I'm also going to spread as many complaints about them in as many places as I can.

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