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My account was with Citi Fin and was bought by Santander. I use to go on line and pay my account every month with NO added FEE.

This New Company wants to charge me $10.95 just to go on line each month and pay my payment? This is *** and unfair. They prefer the OLD SNAIL MAIL? I guess they want this way so they can say we didn't get your check in time and want to charge you late fees that far exceed the charge to pay on line.

What century are these people living in? Everyone pays everything on line, this company needs to join the rest of the world. I will be looking for a new company to finance my load and get it away from this *** company.

Review about: Santander Consumer Usa Account.

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I recently reported on a different post in a comment about my dilemma?. So to spare from repeating myself I will just tell you an update;.

I am pleased to report that the refinancing for my car went through at my own bank, in the end my brother had to put his car up as collateral and cosigned but we got ourselves out of the loan at Santander'. I encourage anyone who has a loan with Santander to see if you can refinance at your own bank that you trust". I have also warned my bank that Santander is shady and facing lawsuits and to be sure they mark the payment as in full when they pay them off and to make sure absolutely sure they are off my car title!. I now have a refinance through my bank of $194 payments each month for 4 yrs, compared to the 2 1/2 years I had left on the Santander loan at $298'.42 each month|.

Putting $104 back into my pocket each month that I need for living expenses, and the interest rates were lower because I now qualify for lower interest rates.. Please see if you can refinance at your own bank, it is worth the trouble.


They will mature your loan without notice to so be warned.

Yamoussoukro, Yamoussoukro, Côte Divoire #194482

They did the same thing to me. i went to a seminar and I was told that Santander were ruthless.

I am going to c if my bank will refinance my car...Matter of fact I did not know that citifinance has tranferred my acct to Santander until my payment was due in 3days.

And they told me I had no choice to pay it with a check or debit card and pay the $10.75 process fee. I immediately filed a complaint the FTC....

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