This company bought out my original loan from a small hometown bank in PA and I was never informed of this until months later...Meanwhile, I was mailing my payments to them not knowing and was never credited for those payments. Then when Santander took over the harassment began...this company starts making collection calls before your even late and does it SEVERAL times a day...early morning and Sundays too.

It's ridiculous. They called Me at work so much I got written up on the job. So, I changed my work # with them and gave them the NC Attorney Generals office phone number....so, they could see how often they call people,,,,,LOL They have various identities also, I have had my payments on my bank account reflect as a Mortgage company and sometimes some DriveTime loan account.

SCARY STUFF...makes me wonder if I am being credited for all of the payments I make to them. I don't think I am....I am so in on this lawsuit....

Monetary Loss: $12.

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Please add me Rhonda Gates Rhonda.gates@att.net


Can you please email me at lrnsuarez@yahoo.com how to join.


Can you email me this info on how to join the lawsuit leemax85@gmail.com


This place is a rip off. Thats why they work with that car company.

( Car Maxx ) and you can blame the company for still working with them when there is all types of problems with them. Yes i want to be added if im not already.

And that person who keeps getting smart needs to say who they are and not hide behind some email. Man up or shut up.


If YOU don't want their BILL COLLECTORS to call you...PAY YOUR BILLS ON TIME! How OBVIOUS is that???

People who pay their bills on time DO NOT have BILL COLLECTORS chasing them down and don't come here to cry and whine.

This is as OBVIOUS as the RISING SUN!

(Of course, if this is beyond your level of comprehension, have somebody explain it to you using very simple, first grade words and maybe even pictures.)


Can you email me info tmi82demolition@gmail.com


i agree seems like nothing is making loan go down . please someone email me from the law frim lovetosew07@yahoo,com


I have a loan for 72 months I started loan in 2007 still paying on this loan. They have tacked on over 13,000 in interest on my loan, I was suppose to be done with loan in 2013 still paying on it still owe 6000 on loan, how is this possible' the loan amount was only 20,000 I am paying over 43,000 on this loan, and they tried to repo it in Dec, which caused me to have a major heart attack over all the stress on them trying to repo vehicle, the harassing calls 10 to 12 times a day' the head guy of Santander said when I paid off half of the 13000 he would cut some of it down because it caused me a major heart attack, now he's backing out from what he agreed to do for me, so now they want to lower my payment and pay on this loan for another 2 years' this vehicle is only worth 1500 on trade in now' someone help me, they are stabbing and jamming me hard.

to Anonymous #1401256

In other words...YOU have been paying late...YOU caused extra interest to accrue! YOU caused their bill collectors to call.

If you're going to post something, why not tell the REAL STORY?

You may be able to fool the sorry serial deadbeats who will sympathize with you, but not all of us are THAT stupid!

Bottom line is YOU caused all these problems by YOU not paying on time, LIKE YOU PROMISED TO DO when YOU signed the contract.

YOU are NOT the victim here.

You sorry, serial deadbeats are a disgrace.


The maturity loan for my car is July 1, 2014. After 72 payments I still owed 6000.

They ask me if my credit was good they will give another loan. I can not understand how do they go away with all the lending laws.

This comapny is a RIPP OFF. Remember they from Spain and they work different from us.

to BROKEN #1393533

File Chapter 7

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #778864

Please add me to the lawsuit with Santander, I had a loan thru them and I had so many issues with them, they have final taken the car back because of the repairs would cost 3500 and per Nevada law the car place wouldn't take car back, and Santander would not work with me.


Please add me to this class action lawsuit.Email is: phalp01@gmail.com

My vehicle is now finally paid off, however I had to pay an extra $3200.00 due to the sale of my loan from CitiFinancial to Santander. Was afraid to fight them as I had read so many horror stories about repo's. Unfair that they sold the loan and changed the way that interest was charged.

Houston, Texas, United States #725608
Please add me to the class action lawsuit
fayeshelton@sbcglobal.net :(
Johnson City, New York, United States #675085

I definitely want to join this class action. There's no workable link to it. Can anyone provide one?


interest accrue with all month deferment also , Interest accrues daily on a simple interest contract. The interest accrual begins the day after a payment posts to the account and continues until the day the next payment is posted.

With each payment the accrued interest is paid first then the remainder of the payment amount is applied to the principal balance. Payments are required to be made by the due date listed in your contract.

Interest charges will accrue on the past due amount and be applied to your account each day, which increases the total amount you pay on your contract. In addition, where applicable, late fees will be assessed to your account


You hold payments so that they are late. I have mailed my payments and you did not process them until the payment was late


this was conversation with SANTANDER problem with this account I purchased this car 2006 made 94 pmt at more than 500.00 this equals over 47,144.00 the total cost of this car was ony 18,000 with fin chg 26,206.55 something is very wrong with this account I notice in April 20 2009 there was addition 3,214.70 added to my account. I may have to get an lawyer to investigate my account because I'm not getting anywhere with this company.

to Upset Johnson City, New York, United States #675086

same boat. let me know if you find out how to join the class action.

I guess I need to get a lawyer as well. Yuck to this.


I don't even have an account with them and they have been harassing me daily for a year. I can never call back and get ahold of a human either.

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