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I started out with Citi Financial Auto they were very professional and understanding.about 2-3 yrs I started getting mail from Santander stating they had took over.

Every since it has been a living ***....they call 10+ times a day starting @ 8am ending @ about 8pm, they've added extra fees to the end of my loan, they call friends/family and my job giving out confidential information.etc.

I'm lost can someone please help....what did you do/where did you seek help?I contacted Sokolove law Firm and they stated this harassment is against the telephone consumer protection act.

Review about: Santander Consumer Usa Loan.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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I hope you are able to get your loan changed to another bank as soon as possible.Santander is not a bank, it is a sleazy operation that is interested in bilking as many people as possible out of their money and their property.

They stole my 13 year old car from my yard in the middle of the night. My car had been paid for, ten years ago. I was shocked when I called the police to report my car stolen and was told that this company had repossessed my car. I told the police that it was impossible.

Not only was my car paid for, but I have the title. They gave me the number to the tow company, they gave me the number to Satander. I had never heard of them before. When I faxed them my proof of ownership, it turned out they had the wrong vehicle number listed and the car in question belonged to a person that lived in another state and over 3000 miles from me.

Think these jerks cared?

I was without transportation and out of work for 2 days due to their error and their thievery. I didn't get as much as a apology and the tow truck driver tried to dump my car at the curb instead of putting it back on my car pad where he had stolen it. If my brother had not come along when he was attempting to dump my car on the street, who knows what would have happened.

Get free of these people as quickly as you can.

They are nothing but bad news and they will strip you bare, bleach your bones and will sell them to the highest bidder.


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According to the Fair Debt Reporting act, they CANNOT call your friends and family requesting money or providing any information. Please report them.

Gainesville, Georgia, United States #419047

I just read your post, a have been going throught the same thing with them as well.My orginal loan with Citi had matured in 1-2011.

I continued to pay even after that because Santander told me I had too. When I refused to sign another contract with them,they sent a repo company to get my car. They then told me that even tho I'd still been making the contract payments, I would need to sign another contract with them to get my car back. I faxed back the paper work, they didnt tell me where my car was for 4 days.

The contract with them ended on 1-2012, now they are saying OI owe another $1200.Is this legal and do we the consumer have anytype of protection??


I recently reported on a different post in a comment about my dilemma?.So to spare from repeating myself I will just tell you an update:.

I am pleased to report that the refinancing for my car went through at my own bank, in the end my brother had to put his car up as collateral and cosigned but we got ourselves out of the loan at Santander/. I encourage anyone who has a loan with Santander to see if you can refinance at your own bank that you trust". I have also warned my bank that Santander is shady and facing lawsuits and to be sure they mark the payment as in full when they pay them off and to make sure absolutely sure they are off my car title?. I now have a refinance through my bank of $194 payments each month for 4 yrs, compared to the 2 1/2 years I had left on the Santander loan at $298/.42 each month'.

Putting $104 back into my pocket each month that I need for living expenses, and the interest rates were lower because I now qualify for lower interest rates:.Please see if you can refinance at your own bank, it is worth the trouble.

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