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GARY GREEN, esq. filed a class-action lawsuit against Santander Consumer, they have violated Fair Debt Collection Practices Act & Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

The lawsuit claims that Santander breached its contracts with consumers in the way it charged fees.

Contact them: http://www.ggreen.com/santander-class-action/item/150-santander-consumer-usa-class-action-lawsuit.html

& MEHRI & SKALET have a class action against Santander for improper overcharges on auto loans. Customers complain charges of unauthorized late fees & fails to credit customer accts, & falsely reports missed payments to credit agencies.

REACH THEM AT: http://www.findjustice.com/cases/consumer-protection/consumer-investigations/santander-consumer-usa/

Review about: Santander Consumer Usa Loan.

Monetary Loss: $9.

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They charged me more than what the payment wss for too high for me to pay then repoed the vehicle when I couldn't pay.Then came after me when the car was sold at auction.

to Tina Chalmers #1519360

Add me to tne lawsuits.


I have had a repo with Santander also, high interest rate, then they sold my truck at auction and came after me for $8000.


Please add me to lawsuit.


I had a 2010 Mazda 6, Paid on it for 3.5 years. They repoedit and sold it at an auction.

they sold it, sent me letter saying I still owed them 12000 dollars after paying them more than $20,000. Paid them over 494,00 a month at an interest rate of 27%.

Now a ear after the fact they call me every Monday. I want them to stop.


Please add me to the lawsuitpurchased a 2013 pre certified Nissan Altima in 2013 and as of today 5 years later my payoff is 19,958.79 with. 598.73 monthly payment.This is insaneI could have had a MercedesThis loan is never going awayThe interest they charge is not fair to any human.The car is not worth 19,000So how do you sell itSomething has to be done about taking advantage of people

to Rosie #1515062

Omg me too this is crazy I have a dodge and after 5 years I have a balance of 15,000 how is this possible wow


Please add me as well. Purchased a 2013 Nissan in 2016 for $15000 and now owe almost $16000 , and that's not even the payoff amount!!

After 2 years, where are all the payments going?! Not to mention the bogus charges and fees they say that I owe. I want in!

This company disgusts me. They should not be in business.


Please add me to lawsuit


Add me. Vehicle was totalled.

They settled with my insurance. Now they keep reporting that I owe them over 3,000 dollars. This kept us from refinancing our home.

Stharp1419@gmail.com. when I called them they said I need an attorney..

to Anonymous #1507077

They doing the same to me please tell me what to do


Please add me .. being paying 3 years all they take is intrest.. 8000 interest to 2000 premium I still owe 15000


Santander have my 2006 jeep liberty listed on my credit report as repo. I paid them off in march 2015.

I still have ownership of my jeep, they will not send me the title, until I send them $650.00.

CitiFinancial sold my account to Santander. HELP ME PLEASE !!!!


Please add me to the class action lawsuit!I was swindled by them.


Please add me to the lawsuit. There were illegal practices when they sold me a car.

They were never supposed to have sold me the car according to their protocol.

I was informed of this by one of their associates. Now it has been repossessed.Contact email: never4saken1@yahoo.com or t.yw357@gmail.com


Scott m Burgoyne. Please add me to your lawsuit. Thank you.

to Scott Burgoyne #1494364



Please add me to this lawsuit. Thank you.


I would like to get in on this lawsuit. I've been paying on my car for about 3 years, and nothing has changed.

I literally still owe the same amount.

What am I paying on? Barbieb89@rocketmail.com


Someone please contact me, I would like to be added to Class action. keshwil35@gmail.com

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