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GARY GREEN, esq. filed a class-action lawsuit against Santander Consumer, they have violated Fair Debt Collection Practices Act & Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

The lawsuit claims that Santander breached its contracts with consumers in the way it charged fees.

Contact them: http://www.ggreen.com/santander-class-action/item/150-santander-consumer-usa-class-action-lawsuit.html

& MEHRI & SKALET have a class action against Santander for improper overcharges on auto loans. Customers complain charges of unauthorized late fees & fails to credit customer accts, & falsely reports missed payments to credit agencies.

REACH THEM AT: http://www.findjustice.com/cases/consumer-protection/consumer-investigations/santander-consumer-usa/

Product or Service Mentioned: Santander Consumer Usa Loan.

Monetary Loss: $9.

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This people are right out criminals. How it is possible that they allow them to operated.

Let me give you an example, last month I was told that I owe 972.00 to catch up with my payments and I did. This month they are telling me that I owe $1628.00. How in the world with just one month. This has happened more that one time.

They are always changing the amount I owe and every time it keep getting higher and higher. When I ask how much I owe in the vehicle after 3 years and they almost kill me from a heart attack. According to them I owe more today than the day that I bought it.

How I can add myself to this lawsuit? Email - hugovega36infp@hotmail.com


I need in on this lawsuit




I have had a Santander loan since 2012.. Today I started digging because I knew my contract was coming to an end to find out they r claiming I still owe over 10000 dollars due to late fees and intrest...

I can get nobody to help me and the ones I get are very nasty!!! Does anybody know what I can do??


how can I be added to this law suit?


I want to join this class action lawsuit santandar. I called for a extention for the month of August && To update my contact info.

Well this company charged me an extra $513 for a late car payment and came and repossessed my car the beginning of the month to be exact ot was the 2nd around 11pm and my payments are due every 3rd so they charged me another late fee of 513 for the month of September and told me i had to Pay $1981 if i wanted my car. But get this when i called it said i didnt have an account.

to Nubian Element #1558320

Zlaniiee@gmail.com is how ypu can contact me


I want in on this lawsuit please. I had a car loan through Santander and the car was totaled in an accident my insurance paid all but three thousand dollars.

I had their gap insurance that was suppose to cover the rest financed into my car loan. They refused to pay and still are trying to collect this money from me by ruining my credit every single month they have been reporting trying to hurt my credit and force me to pay. I was just a co signer for my Husband who has recently passed away and I don't feel i should be stuck with this.

My USAA insurance paid them over seventeen thousand dollars on a used Kia. Please contact me at mysticalshelly@gmail.com Thank you Michelle Jones


I have been part of this suit for a long time. I had to get another loan to pay them off and sell the car.

fast forward to 2017 and I purchased another vehicle. thought I was going thru Chysler capital but guess who loan really is? Yep Santander, so i'm making the payments on time and one month I log in to make a payment and I am blocked from the site. I make calls for days, finally speaking with a lady who informs me due to my participation in a legal matter she or anyone else will not speak with me.

this means I cant simple log in and make payments. I have to go thru western union in order to make a payment.

Cant get my balance or anything. Some one at the office please help me.


I was victimized by Santander. I had a loan with them, the fees they charged me were outrageous, sometimes more than my car payment itself.

My loan was steady going up instead of down. I just couldn't do it anymore. I was forced to allow them to repossess it. After selling the car at auction, they claim that I still owe them over $9,000 even though I only financed $15,000.

They have ruined my credit with their predatory lending practices. I want justice. If this is still an ongoing action, I would like to join. triciablazek@gmail.com.

I also have a friend that went through the exact same thing with this company. They need to be stopped.


Can I join PLEASE??


Is it still possible to join this suit if so please let me know what to do or email me at melissachelsealivi@gmail.com Thank you


If there's still an opportunity to be added to this suit, please contact me asap. I don't even understand why Santander is still operating.

Why won't the federal government finally shut it down?! nikil723@gmail.com


Please add me to this lawsuit.


Santander consumer USA is a Joke.... I did get behind on my loan....

but after paying on my loan since September 2011 with the balance of 7300 still left I still probably have 3 to 4 years left to pay on it!!!

I will have paid over 30,000 for a car that was only 16,000... I would never recommend this company to anyone!!!

to Anonymous010 #1546281

Have you heard anything back from anyone on this

to Anonymous010 #1549210

Same is happening to me on a 2012 Toyota. My car after trade is was 16,000 but after my payoff it will bee over 30,000 with payments at 520 a month. It's ridiculous.


Add me to the class action lawsuit


I've had my car for 2 years financed through Santander and noticed last month that the loan amount is the same! It hasn't went down at all.

I haven't missed any payments. Their call center is clueless and don't have any answers about what's going on. I know it's wrong because I work for a credit repair company.

If this is still going on PLEASE contact me!! Via email RapidCreditadviser@gmail.com


Is this lawsuit still going? If so, please contact me!

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