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Santander is by far the worst people I have ever had to deal with. One, I bought a cheap $9,000 Hyundai Accent. I bought it in April. I knew I had a high interest rate, I have little credit (I was 19 when I bought it) etc. I was just happy that SOMEONE would finance me without a co-signer (I did not have anyone that could have been a co-signer).

I should have kept my broken down Chevy Lumina. It was cheaper to upkeep it every week than try to keep up with these people. I am a waitress at a 24 hour diner, in North Carolina. If I'm even a day late they will harass me the very next day (even if its a weekend where I have no access to a bank and I am paid in cash). I had to move in with my boyfriends family recently due to some financial problems and I made a payment on their house phone once. Now I have noticed that if they call me and I don't answer, they immediately call their house phone. I did NOT give that number as mine, and they should not be harassing another family (I have asked them to remove the number).

In the middle of Irene (I live near the ocean) I was late due to hurricane prepping and just ran out of money, they called right before the eye hit. I answered and was going to try to explain the payment would have to wait until the storm passed. THEN the CSR suggested that "there must be some gas station with money orders open" EXCUSE ME?! I'm in the middle of a hurricane, and I was willing to pay the next day. I thought this was RUDE and improper. So, I refused to pay based on principle. I decided they could have the *** car back. I would walk the 7 miles to work until I could go to a buy here pay here (thanks to Santandar ruining the little credit I had).

They called my step father, my boss and my boyfriends mother (all on cell phones) trying to get the payment.My mother eventually broke down and payed it for me without my consent. (She doesn't have that kind of money, my step fathers out of work and her hours have been cut). I was one day late (thanks to a "delayed transaction") this month, and now have started calling her asking if she would do it again!

They can have their *** car. This isn't worth it! Ugh! I'm never doing business with them again! I hope no one else gets pulled into their harassment. They aren't a loan company, their debt collectors. Plain and simple. I want my broken but FREE Chevy back.

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