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A week ago I received 2 alerts via email (my online account is setup to send alerts of all types and I usually receive a few every week) advising me that a deposit was made and immediately after a transaction was made (debit or withdrawl) in the exact same dollar...
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Santander told me the payoff amount, method & address. I got the bank check & mailed it with a letter as requested. The letter gave the account #, etc. and of course was signed, dated, etc. Mailed 8/15/10. They credited my check to a different account on 8/22/10, which...
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I paid my loan off. They won't give me a letter staying this. They said twice they would fax me a letter, however I did not receive it, so I called back and then they said ...

Can't stand Santander

I have been dealing with the same mess as the rest of you. Santander took over my loan from citifinancial and nobody contacted me until my loan was 5 or 6 months delinquent......

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