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Im writting & as all the ppls b4 me I'm here to say that Santander Customer Service Staff and ALL the Supervisors don't know what they're doing.

I've been making my $468.00 payments faithfully for 2yrs, Im facing some financial difficulties so I called 3 wks ago to request a "deferred payment" they told me i didnt qualify but they'll fax me a form 2 at least reduce my pymt for up to 3mo..yeah right.

I call everyday, speak to the same ignorant cust serv & their supervisor which don't even know the Corporate offices #'s.

SANTANDER is full of it... they CANT help you but as soon as i don't make that payment, i'm sure they'll come for the d..n car....idiots not helpfull..with some many ppls unemployed, they could get rid of the whole crew and get some helpfull caring ppls

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i am having the same issue, i just called and asked for a deferment cause of finicial issues and they said im not eligible because my account is current. its bs, and the are all idiots


So tire I'm having the same issues with these losers.

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