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Santander have my car towed when we already made arrangements for the payments and stuff after they pulled the car when they pull the car that pull up from the back everyone knows you don't pull a front-wheel drive from the back U-Pull-It from the front the messed up the transmission now Santander refuse to have the transmission replaced saying we need to talk to the people who pull the car but Santana's the one who hired the people to pull the car and I don't think it's right that we have to pay for something that they did now they're telling us we all them so many months behind on payments which I ignored him so much behind but we already made arrangements for that so they had no reason to pull the car we've been sending them notes we showed them estimates we also been sitting them letter saying what happened and everything else we even show him pictures are the tire marks of how they drove the car they drove that car Benny still refuse to fix it saying it took 6 months for us to send them a letter or something which we sent them the letter the day after it happened now they're trying to say that it took us too long just send them a letter we sent them a letter numbers of times and they would say they didn't get it after 6 months now to say finally got it so I asked the lady I say every time I turn around you're saying we behind and in the payments going up and up what is the interest rate on this on this long this woman told me the interest rate was what's 25.6% interest I told her that's more than the house that's ridiculous this car has not worth that kind of money now only thing they doing that is calling me looking for me to make payments which I number handle awesome payment but I still don't get in the right to tell something and won't pay for it say it was a kids lost that day I would love to be one of the one of the recipients just don't make any sense for Santana's doing after I get to pay for this car at be almost $50,000 or more for this car just cry and even worth it thank you my name

Product or Service Mentioned: Santander Consumer Usa Auto Loan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Ah yes, one long run-on sentence from another highly intelligent habitual deadbeat. All your wailing is nothing more than a sorry smokescreen designed to deflect the real reason you are whining.

YOU caused a repo by YOU not paying YOUR bills on time. That's the ONLY reason you are being financed by a subprime lender...because YOU failed to pay YOUR other bills on time.

In other words, you're a habitual deadbeat and your here to cry about all the actions YOU brought upon YOURSELF. Why not also get a second grader to help you with elementary punctuation and sentence structure and no, I don't work for them.

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