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I have recently read all the complaints against Santander USA and cannot believe what I am reading.Apparently, everyone who has a complaint against this company must have had other circumstances for them to justify their actions.

I have been a customer of this company for a short time, and have had ONLY the best of service and cooperation from them. My phone calls have been answered immediately, and I have always gotten a pleasant person on the other end to help me with my financing needs. They are always pleasant and very helpful and fully knowledgeable. I would HIGHLY recommend SANTANDER USA to anyone who would ask my opinion of this company.

They have worked with us and have bent over backwards in order to help us in our time of need.

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Stockton, California, United States #879587

Then you are one of the rare and lucky ones to have a good experience. I wish I could say the same! I would not recommend them to any one and they need to go back where they came from!!


clearly you work for the company. LOL.




this company is a rip off, my loan also was transferred to Santander, I have pd all that I to pay now they say that I owe an additional $4000, my maturity date was 07/15/2013 and since Dec 20,12 all I oewd was $4200, now they are stating that I owe additional pmts, crooks for sure.


Well I am on the list of people that hate this company!!!!!My loan was also with Citifinancial.

I have tried to work with them but today I got notice that I have a certified letter from them. I tried to call the # and go ahead and make a payment BUT they would not accept my payment over the phone they say that I have to make at least 3 payments....... I am only behind Dec. Payment.

I have proof that all my payments have been made since they took over except Dec. WTH is going on....

I am going to contact the BBB about these Crooks.....I never got notice that my loan was being sold, i just got a notice from Santander that my payment was late....I did not know who they were and when I called they were VERY rude to me.


The person up above works for them because anyone dealing with them knows how they are. Straght up crooks!!!


My loan was transferred from Citi Financila to SANTANDER,without notice. I am still paying for the same care after 5 years and I still owe 26.000.Late payments are 13.50/day...this is robbery.


Drug Dealing Illegals Commuinst Bastards. They work with Communist Spanish!


How cute!!I did the same thing for the company I WORKED for American Income Life.

But stop lying!!!

Your company steals, and uses shady business practicing.Hope you will get unemployement.I smell a CLass ACtion coming soon!!!!


I am appauled how all of us are struggling to make ends meet and Santander shows no mercy.If you make your payment over the phone they charge you extra, if you pay online, they charge you extra, if you late on payment due to unexpected events, you are charged a ridiculous late fee.

On top of that my loan between me and HSBC has my car paid off in May 2014. Now that Santander has the account, tney have tacked on two more years! Mind you, this is a 2006 car I am talking about. I've tried over 6 mothhs to get this issue resolved and am told that is just the way it is and to keep my car, I have to pay until that time!

***! I'm in the process of hiring an attorney to get this sorted out for me.

Trust me, I will NEVER do business with these money starved bastards again.

Good luck to the rest of you!

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