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I purchased a 2009 Madza 6 two years ago.I fell and broke my back this past summer (July 2016). I asked for a deferment and was denied and am 2 payments behind because I am unable to work and money is tight for us at this time. They are unwilling to work with me and has served me with a summons to appear in court for being delinquent on my loan and possibly repo of my car. In the summons it states they can sell my car for $4000 and I will be...
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Anonymous Right, sure. YOU were PLACED with them because the bank's wouldn't touch you because of YOUR credit reputation. You didn't simply decide to pay a high APR! Where in your co...

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Someone please help!I financed a car with Santander. 2 1/2years ago. Im completely stuck, im so upside down in it its ridiculous. The vehicle has had two major break down(THANK GOD FOR NISSAN MOTORS). Im calling and reporting the break down the issues, but no help from Santander. Looks like im going to have to take legal actions.Please somebody help!
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Liz415 File a complaint with your state's attorney general, department of finance and cfpb. I did it in new York and Santander was forced to modify my loan to a 6 percent 48 month l...


Anonymous Santander is only a finance company. They don't care about the condition of your car. Not their problem.