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Someone please help! I financed a car with Santander.

2 1/2years ago. Im completely stuck, im so upside down in it its ridiculous. The vehicle has had two major break down(THANK GOD FOR NISSAN MOTORS). Im calling and reporting the break down the issues, but no help from Santander.

Looks like im going to have to take legal actions. Please somebody help!

Product or Service Mentioned: Santander Consumer Usa Auto Claim.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Long Island City, New York, United States #1279969

File a complaint with your state's attorney general, department of finance and cfpb. I did it in new York and Santander was forced to modify my loan to a 6 percent 48 month loan.

Every payment was re applied and applied to mostly principle. All fees refunded. No longer upside down. No longer 24 percent interest rate.

I posted a picture of the modification in reviews. They also have to stop all collection activity while investigation is going on.

Girard, Kansas, United States #1264533

Santander is only a finance company. They don't care about the condition of your car. Not their problem.


Oh yes, another legal expert! You are upside down because you financed for too long a period of time with little or no down payment.

You destroyed your own credit thus making yourself a subprime borrower with a high interest rate. Santander did not sell you the car nor warranty it. Their only purpose was to lend you money.

Looks like you'll need to come up with some other phony reasons to discredit them all because you just can't stand their collections calls. This complaint is nothing more than the typical wailing and whining of a serial deadbeat!

to Anonymous Long Island City, New York, United States #1279971

Santander employee?


Ummm, help you what?!? YOU, as a willing adult, signed up for a loan.

Not that companies fault you chose a garbage vehicle. You just want a handout, which is pathetic.

What happened to accountability, hard work, and a desire to improve yourself?!? I'll help you, alright: Grow up, get real, stop trying to scam these companies, and you'll have a better life.

to Anonymous Long Island City, New York, United States #1279972

Big talk from anonymous lol. Very easy to talk *** when you can hide behind your computer screen. That's what's pathetic

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