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Some how i still owe about 8000 on my car i bought for 9500... been paying on it for 6 years now and shelled out approx 16,000-17,000 so far but i owe 1000 less than what it was financed for. I understand i don't have good credit but at this rate they're asking me to pay 25k on a 9500 vehicle that i put over 1000 down on

Product or Service Mentioned: Santander Consumer Usa Auto Loan.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Any time you paid late, YOU generated extra interest for them in addition to late fees. If YOU read the contract, you will see how much is to be paid when paid off.

If you failed to maintain required insurance, they would have attached forced place insurance.

These lenders are heavily regulated. They don't go around adding extra money other than fir what is covered in the contract even though the whining serial deadbeats think otherwise!

to Anonymous #1265273

This interest and late Fee gouging is just simply theft. Just because a person has poor credit doesn't give anyone the right to

exploit or rip them off.

And if these people are deadbeats why are there so many complaints and a class action suit against Santander? Judgement day will come.

to Anonymous Auburndale, Florida, United States #1266927

The high APR is because you have a proven reputation of not paying your bills on time. You are not ENTITLED to a low APR.

A low APR is earned by paying your bills on time.

The only "taking advantage" is when you shafted previous creditors by not paying on time. If you don't like the consequences YOU caused, then pay your bills on time!

to Anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #1267120

Unfortunately some of us have great credit. Orginally financed with Citi Financial and HSBC.

Both companies enrolled us at their request into the sailors and soldiers relief act due to an upcoming deployment for my husband. When Scumtander bought out HSBC and Citi Financial's auto loans we ended up with them believe me it was not our choice to have Scumtander as a creditor. I suppose it's our fualt that a signed legal contract stating that our interest rate would be lowered on both our vehicles and that our payments would be cut in half through that contract with them makes people serving their country ***. However, We were never late and our interest rates weren't high prior to being transferred to them.

Interst on one car before the sailors and soldiers relief act literally was barely 8% and barely 9% on the other vehicle.. But to lower our payments as well and and then when santander gets the loans call and harrass someone whose husband is deployed and no payments have been missed and have never had a late payment to be then told that your 18 months behind in payments on both vehicles because they don't recognize the sailors and soldiers relief act???

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