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Absolute crooks. We've had a auto loan with them for over 3 years and even though we pay nearly $300 a month it never seems to drop.

We mail out our payments because it charges extra if you pay any other method. They claim they receive payments late even if we mail them a week before they're due. We discovered that they don't go by post mark on letters they go by when they receive it, as if the customer has control of the mail. Because of this and without telling us they have been adding late fees into the back of the loan.

They also attempted to repo our car 2 years ago because we were apparently behind by $60. They never called to let us know we discovered this when our car was gone which cost us nearly $800 to get back.

If you can avoid this company run as fast as you can. We're trying to get away from them but with fair credit and negative equity on our car we're currently stuck.

Product or Service Mentioned: Santander Consumer Usa Auto Loan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Alameda, California, United States #1331305

I just realized ive had my car for over a year now n my total pay off hasnt gone dwn either


LAME EXCUSES FROM ANOTHER DEADBEAT! Where did you ever come up with this flimsy excuse payment date is determined by post mark?

Funny! The balance seldom changes because YOU are late and any time YOU are late, YOU generate extra interest for them. All this is entirely under YOUR control! The repo was caused by YOU not paying a complete payment.

It's up to YOU to manage YOUR account!

All we have here is still another SERIAL DEADBEAT making up excuses for their actions and blaming the lender. Said SERIAL DEADBEAT comes here to cry, whine and wail because of the consequences THEY caused!

to Anonymous #1307195


Acc screw me too made all my payments on time a head but the vehicle was a pile *** not a dead beat either and still paying thru a garnishment . 3 years later acc does not give two fly f*** about us as consumer s!!!

to Stickinthedirt #1311664

Not a deadbeat, eh? Why are you being garnished?

Once you become a deadbeat by not paying on time, you are no longer a customer!

You're a great big liability because you don't pay your bills on time. Why should they care about a deadbeat whenever they have thousands of customers who do what they promised to do...PAY THEIR BILLS ON TIME!

to Anonymous #1317096

How about those who have paid their bills onetime? Again take this judgmental BS and shove it!

They charge all this interest and so fourth claiming that payments are different than what is on the contract.

It is ok for these crooks to break their contract by charging more and wrong when the consumer does it? Maybe you need to read the posts before judging people.

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