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We have been paying on our for three year only to find out that our total amount had gone up. When we asked how this was possible we were told that on top of our regular interest rate they were charging us a daily interst rate.

One that is not on our contract. We tried everything possible refinance or trade in the car but being the amount never decrease no other bank would touch it. After falling on hard times we missed a couple payments but informed santander to what was going on. Then the calls began all type of hour three or four times a day.

That started call family in with were never part of our references. They even started to threaten to call at our jobs and dock our pay.

Finally stressed out and tried of being harrashed we just decided to let them come and get the car. Even when they came they at 430 in the morning.

Product or Service Mentioned: Santander Consumer Usa Auto Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Obviously there is a Santander employee going down this list of complaints and commenting on them all. It's quite blatant.

No one is taking those replies seriously. Really.

Apopka, Florida, United States #1320846


Lets start with the FACTS. You didn't select this lender from a list and ask the dealer to use them.

As a direct result of your self-made reputation of NOT paying your bills on time before this deal, you were PLACED with them because the banks with lower APR wouldn't take the risk on you. What happens with this subprime deadbeat lender? You could have "turned over a new leaf", valued your word and integrity but instead, you shaft them as well with you making late payments. They took numerous collection steps because YOU turned on those consequences.

They wouldn't have had to do this if YOU would have done what YOU agreed to do, make your payments on time, but as we see, your word and integrity are worthless. In the end, YOU caused a repo, which YOU could have prevented. You come here to whine about the consequences you brought upon yourself. You proclaim to the world what you try to define as some sort of questionable activity on their part.

To anybody who knows anything about finance, this is quite laughable because anytime a serial deadbeat is late, that serial deadbeat generates EXTRA INTEREST for the lender at a daily rate until said deadbeat does what they were supposed to do...make the payment. Since you claim this EXTRA INTEREST which YOU caused and generated for them was so high, that it caused to to fully default, its a pretty good guess you were late more than "a couple of times".

Bottom line to all this is YOU certainly do have alot to complain about but it wont do any good until you take a seat in front of a mirror and complain to the person who caused these consequences by a conscious decision to continue as a self made serial deadbeat. Oh yes, before either you or any other serial deadbeats claim I work for them (because they have no intelligent rebuttal", I'll say ahead of time, I don't!

to Anonymous #1322114

you must have a lot of time on your hands to respond to every one's complaint. do you need a hug boo boo.

do you need some attention from strangers because you are not getting it at home. Awww poor baby.

you sounds so bitter. come hear honey, come and let me give you some sugar.

to MS.ladie #1330691

It's obviously a very bored employee.

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