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I would like to share my experience with Santander Consumer USA. I purchased a car after filing for Bankruptcy and was told my loan was approved by Santander Consumer USA.

Even though the interest rate was 18% I still agreed to the contract because I needed a car. A few times I came upon hard times during the course of the loan and unable to make my monthly payment. Santander was always there for me to defer the payment so it wouldn't go against my credit report as being late. It took several years to start seeing larger amounts to go towards the principal rather than the interest.

That's how it is with all loans. Reading horror stories of people getting ripped off when trying to payoff their loanor titles not being released after the loan was paid, really frightened me. I finally came to a point during the loan where I was able to pay it off. Taking precautionary steps I printed every screen on my online account page, including payment history from the start of the loan to printing the payoff amount page.

I sent my check overnight mail via fed ex that required a signature. The day they received my check it was applied immediately to my account and my balance showed zero. What a great feeling that was! I chatted several times with reps to see when I would receive the car title.

I didn't feel totally at ease until I had it in my hands. Within 3 weeks it arrived in the mail. A couple days later I was mailed my original contract by Santander listing the date I paid it off. I never had any problems through the course of my loan.

The reps were always friendly and ready to assist in any way they could. My personal financial situation put me in a position where I needed to finance at a very high rate. I wasn't thrilled with the high interest, but I never took it out on the customer service reps. They are there to do their jobs.

If you pay on time you won't have any problems, if you need to work out a payment arrangement they are there for you.

Speak nicely to people. You will be amazed how nice they will be to you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Santander Consumer Usa Customer Care.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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Hartford, Connecticut, United States #1311988

I had a loan for Santana thank as well I was going to be 5 days before I got paid but they came and got the car they would not even work with me

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