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I too am having the same issues with Santander, when I send extra check for principle only it goes to balance and mostly interest or some times just interest... I am interested in a lawsuit against these predators.

when i called them to discuss this matter they told me it was correct and then they blocked my number so i couldnt call them. This is getting ridiculous and something needs to be done to stop these people! please help me whatever it takes to shut this place down.

I cant deal with this anymore. I feel like I am getting no were with paying my car off

Product or Service Mentioned: Santander Consumer Usa Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Hartford, Connecticut, United States #1217633

Its true they cant figure out what is a principal payment..we dont want to get stuck with the bill, we are paying too much... the car loan is 15k hold the loan for 5yrs we pay 30k!,

Dont want the car nor the high finance charges....


Ha, ha, ha, ha! Very, very funny because you have tons of people laughing their rear ends off!!!

EVERY car loan, from EVERY lender, in EVERY city and state of this country works by the accounting rules of "AMORTIZATION" which means more of the payment is applied to interest than principle in the early stages of the loan. As time goes on, more and more goes toward principle. After all the payments are made, all the interest and all the principle is paid down to zero! This is also the same for home mortgages and some other types of loans as well.

So thanks for the laughs and yes, I think you should see an attorney because their staff needs a comedy break too.

So if you were just trying to discredit the lender, guess what? It just ain't gonna work!

to Anonymous Erie, Pennsylvania, United States #1243119


A normal, honest lender doesn't block a customer's phone #.

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