I was callled on a Sunday im about sick of it, i work my *** off to pay for my truck which was supposed to be paid off in Oct. i get a call 3 days before x-mas saying i still owe $1500 for intrest and principle my payments were $424 a mon they now want me to pay $656 .

i heard they were trying to establish a bank here in the states if anyone from santander reads this it would be a big mistake especially if you put one in Oklahoma ive taken to much *** and the *** poor government does nothing stop it.

So i will do something myself about it > If you do open a bank here I WILL BREAK EVERY *** WINDOW OUT your employees will be harrased to the point of breaking down and quiting . Tired of waiting for something to be done the legal way now i do it my way.

Product or Service Mentioned: Santander Consumer Usa Loan.

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OMG..I thought I was doing good to have a car loan after so long. Our loan hasn't even finalized yet and they've called ( no lie) 11 times to do a phone interview with my husband.

After a bunch of grief (I know they won't give me info if I'm not on the loan but AT LEAST tell me if I need to supply him with the VIN#'s or bank routing information, etc...) I finally asked for a supervisor and got one.

She was great but if they are in Dallas, TX, why are they all foreign? Already wondering how big of a mistake I just made (can't get out of the contract now) after reading these nightmares...holy ***.

Gainesville, Georgia, United States #419046

I just read your post, a have been going throught the same thing with them as well. My orginal loan with Citi had matured in 1-2011.

I continued to pay even after that because Santander told me I had too. When I refused to sign another contract with them,they sent a repo company to get my car. They then told me that even tho I'd still been making the contract payments, I would need to sign another contract with them to get my car back. I faxed back the paper work, they didnt tell me where my car was for 4 days.

The contract with them ended on 1-2012, now they are saying OI owe another $1200. Is this legal and do we the consumer have anytype of protection??


I recently reported on a different post in a comment about my dilemma?. So to spare from repeating myself I will just tell you an update:.

I am pleased to report that the refinancing for my car went through at my own bank, in the end my brother had to put his car up as collateral and cosigned but we got ourselves out of the loan at Santander/. I encourage anyone who has a loan with Santander to see if you can refinance at your own bank that you trust". I have also warned my bank that Santander is shady and facing lawsuits and to be sure they mark the payment as in full when they pay them off and to make sure absolutely sure they are off my car title?. I now have a refinance through my bank of $194 payments each month for 4 yrs, compared to the 2 1/2 years I had left on the Santander loan at $298/.42 each month'.

Putting $104 back into my pocket each month that I need for living expenses, and the interest rates were lower because I now qualify for lower interest rates:. Please see if you can refinance at your own bank, it is worth the trouble.


Santander has a business to run as well. If you are 1 day late, you will accrue late interest charges, as per your contract.

You have a sub prime loan, so if your interest rate is 20%, you are paying prob $10 a day each day the payment isn't received on time. If you loaned someone money and they promised you to pay it back in a certain amount of time, wouldn't you want your $$ in that time frame?


please join me in a class action lawsuit against santander email me at iceprincess46825@yahoo.com.....please spread the word!!!!!!

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