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I was going to write my whole story with all my fresh rage and anger at this company THIS month, but I had NO idea there were so many other victims of this company. They are some kind of scandal/scam whatever you want to call them.

What will it take for them to be investigated? I mean, how deeply are they embedded in our country? Government level? What is going on here?


Now I see they want me to write 100 words. Here are a few more words. The workers at this company seem to be cold and heartless, but I think it's because they have a gun....

I mean a recorder stuck to their head.

Save them too.

Product or Service Mentioned: Santander Consumer Usa Loan.

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I was repo on Monday I called n set up a payment they said to pay 647$ to reinstate today I sent to get items out of my car the repo yard informed me they were shipping my car to auction on this coming up Monday all the way to Alabama I live in Jackson ms.i agreed to pay the money to get my car back on the 26th sane day my 10 day period over .I'm scared to pay and they still sale my car in auction after I have paid I owe 1000$ .help someone


need to get a lawyer for santander please help at 4045566824


The repo man has come by my place three or more times. I told him I am waiting for Santander to take me to court.

They purchased my loan, I know nothing about them, they failed to notify.

So if that truck is in my garage for 10 more years it will be until I plead my case. It should have been paid off last year and they come with that BS.

to Take me to court #1407064

Me as well !


look i work here and it is just as bad working there.... i am just waiting for the day when somebody realizes that they are charging off accounts then telling people after they get repoed that they will reverse the charge off... i could be wrong but i dont think by law the charge off can be reversed....

to employee #894384

hello I see you posted up that u work for this company. When dealing with the loans do they garnish your pay check. If yes when


Scamtander...... That is a good one! :grin



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