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Santander reposed my car while Ill was making payments. Ive made everone. they said i misses, lies all of them, know there being sued by the Federal Judge for Reposes and have to pay back, The funny thing is that every 5 mins the A holes are watching my TRW, lowering my score so i cant do a dam thing, The mother was paid, they took it back resold and told me I owed more than what it was worth, And the kicker is Iama disabled man and used it like a wheel chair to get around, Thanks Mothers know I take a bus, I love to get all my $15,000.00 back and start over, Signed Pisssed off consumer, Jimbo

Product or Service Mentioned: Santander Consumer Usa Auto Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Here's how dumb and no doubt highly exaggerated this false report is. Anybody with half a brain knows any finance company makes money by collecting interest.

Therefore, for them to maximize profit on each car, they must collect all the interest built into that loan by collecting all the payments. What you are expecting people to believe is they decided they didn't want to profit on your deal so out of the clear blue sky and for no reason whatsoever, they decided to repo you! Throwing in the disability card as a point to gain sympathy just isn't going to work either! Of course, the habitual deadbeats who's IQ's are in the double digits will swallow your garbage, hook, line and sinker simply because they don't have the reasoning capability.

Oh by the way, because you or the habitual deadbeats won't like the FACTS which are clearly obvious of which you or they can't offer an intelligent rebuttal, don't bother saying it. I'll tell you ahead of time, I don't work for them!!!

to Anonymous #1385223

***!! you obviously work for them!! every review I have seen has your rude *** comments below it.

to Realtorguy #1393336

I see you don't offer a pint-by-point intelligent rebuttal. Don't have the ability, eh???

to Realtorguy #1393338

I see you lack of ability is very apparent otherwise you would offer a point-by-point intelligent rebuttal!

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