I recently moved and had to be given a new number from the phone company. The number I was give seems to be associated with a couple who owed everyone.

I have explained this to Santander and allied collections the worst of the bunch at least 8 times. They continue to call. One rep even asked if I might know where these people moved.

I couldn't believe him I was given the number I did'nt move into a former home of these people I don't know them or there whereabouts. Just want the annoying rude calls to stop.

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Santander repoed and after all fees were paid the agent gave me a very hard time in releasing my vehicle. Was only able to provide her with W references and she wanted two more. They have also contacted a family member who's name and information I never provided to them.


please call the attorne general and file a formal complaint! i did, i want this company to burn!

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