I am not fond of Santander at all, no one speaks english very well. They will not work with you at all about payments.They will call at least 6 to 7 times in a day.

They are rude and tries to make you feel that you are not trying hard enough to pay. They even came out to my house just to see if I still had the car.

I told the guy that if wanted to take my car then go ahead that I was tired of having to deal with the rude people, he tried to come off as a good ole boy! I will be so glad to get away from them once and for all.

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I don't DeadAunt@58's English is as impeccable as he expects from the Santander Customer Staff.


I agree with every negative comment posted about Santander, this is the worst load company I have ever had to work with. People cannot speak or understand english and are extremely rude. I trade int he car 3 months ago the auto dealership paid it off (I have proof of the cancelled check from them) and they are still trying to collect monthly payment.

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