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On Oct 7 2010 a payoff from a dealer on a trade in was given from Santander. Oct 8th we called to verify our payment due on the 9th wouldn't be taken out and was told it would not be taken out that it had been cancelled.

On Oct 12 Santander got money from our bank afterall. We called Santander back and was then told 48 - 72 hours to get money back. After this time we still haven't seen a refund of said money. We have faxed them , called them and now they are telling us we won't get our money back for 30 - 45 days.

Meanwhile they have caused a domino effect of fees on overdrawn bank account and bills to be late causing more fees. I don't think this companys word can be taken as a truth or their information is consistant among employees. I gave them ample time to fix this and warning that I was going to file an unauthorized debit from our account with our bank and a complaint with the better business bureau.

Both were done this morning! They took it out electronically they should put it back in electronically and just as fast as they took it out and included interest as well as fees caused and a letter of apology for me to show other creditors.

Review about: Santander Consumer Usa Account.

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I'm having the exact same problem. When they bought my loan from Citi, the customer service rep told me that my ACH payment wouldn't continue with them, which was fine with me because I was refinancing.

Lo and behold, my ACH went through for $585. I called about a refund, and was told 30-45 days. I continued to call, especially when my 30 mark passed, and was continually told that it hadn't reached 45 days yet.

I used their online chat function (as their phone system says they're closed, even thought it's three hours before their advertised closing time) on day 47, and was then told that the wait for refunds is 45-60 days. This company is full of snakes, and I hope someone starts a class action suit.


We're in the same boat. We received a letter from Santander stating that they had taken over my car loan.

We had automatic draft w/ the other agency. It was unclear from the letter if they had our info to continue the automatic draft. We tried calling to find out during normal business hours and got a recording that they were closed. We decided to be on the safe side and make a payment through our bank.

Lo and behold, 3 days later, they drafted the money out of our account causing us to have overdrafts. We asked to to get this money back to no avail. Next payment wasn't due until the next month so we figured they wouldn't take the money out until then, but they took it out again anyway.

They have $200 and $250+ in overdraft charges that we can't get back. I'm calling now and get nothing but a busy signal.

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