My acct was transferred to Santander. When I called them they said they were a collection agency.

That is how the automatic system identified itself. I am 11 days late, but if HSBC bothered to look at the payment record, they would see that I always paid them more than they were asking for. The customer service rep., who said she was a supervisor was very rude and gave me no info at all to solve my problem The only thing I wanted was to talk to a supervisor who cold give me the phone # for HSBC.

I also told Santander if they wanted to please American customers, they should not have the automated phone announcement say that they are a collection agency. The supervisor hung up on me after I said that.

Review about: Santander Consumer Usa Account.

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everyone call them atleast once a day ,,this will overload their system and they won't be able to call out as much.. we did it to BOA and it worked ..just try it..or put them on speed dial and ck it a few times a day... semper fi......


rip off


I wish the *** company would stop calling everyday 24-7. So now i know there several diff numbers i just freaking hang up on them. i suggest everyone change their number's.


At my office...

I receive a call from this company 3-4 times daily. I tried to explain that the person they are asking for has not been with our company for years but I get a rude response and another call hours later.


Santander consumer said i had a late payment on my creidt. when they took over the accounts for united auto, mind you i never received any notice, i made my payment for the month to united auto then i receive calls from santander claiming i owe the last payment, i advise them i made it to united auto and gave them my bank statements proving this.

they said they would take care of it. this went on for about 2 months with 5 different representatives calling me and every time i complained that i sent my information on my payment and re sent it each time. they finally figured it out but after they sent to the credit burea a late payment for this.

i called today to resolve it and the representative gave me the credit collections number to cal and of course it is a wrong number. I mean come on what kind of sorry *** company is this.


Wow I did not realize people are so angry. Santander has been calling my work for an employee.

Everyone who has called has had such a strong accent I can hardly understand them and when I try to explain that he is not available and they should try to reach him by other means they just hang-up and call again in 2 hours. :eek :grin :p


You may sound a little bit better if you could spell. Let me help you, it is "pay your *** bills. :zzz :zzz :eek


they did pay their bill if you bothered to read their entry. even though it was late, they paid their monthly including the late fee.


"I am 11 days late." YOU said it yourself. How would you respond if your paycheck was 11 days late?

Get a grip - pay your dam bills and get over it. :cry

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