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Triad Financial sold loans at the end of the loan term

to there partners in crime Santander consumer USA

to collect extra interest fees.

This is a scam. Santander issues a new account number and

places it on your credit report and it appears as a new loan. Then they

hire a reposetion company that is out of state to go around

your city looking for you useing information on your credit report.

There is no writen cominication from Santander, they claim

that they are a small company and can't aford the paperwork

I call them for a copy of the original sales agreement and they

told me that they have no record of it.

The manager at Santander was rude and threatened to garnish my

wages. They are not even in the state of California.

Triad Financial is a Scam.

See you in court.

A very angry and disappointed consumer that will fight

to make sure this does not continue.

Review about: Santander Consumer Usa Loan.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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I have been reading tons of horror stories and realized I'm not the only one. How is this place still running?

Upon reading others comments I decided to call and ask for a copy of my original loan documentation to be sent to me. I was hung up on. I don't understand. It seems this type of incident has happened to thousands of customers so why are they getting away with it?

I have STILL not been able to log on to their website and they bought my loan Sept. 2010. They keep telling my 24-48 hours. This is a load of ***.

I went through a bankruptcy 7 years ago and it's finally off my credit this year and now these monsters are going to start jacking with my credit all over again after I've worked really hard to build it back up. What do we do??


They are 100% scam will not give any loan docs and gives only interest only loans.... Hangs up on you when asked for any documentation and lies continually just to get money out of you.


Santander Consumer USA is 100% a scam

and there going down garanteed

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