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I traded in my ford at a Toyota dealership here in Las Vegas on 4/12/2013 for a GMC truck. I HAVE the bill of sales and proof I did get rid of the car. Toyota told me it would take some days for the payoff so I contacted Santander on 4/19/2013 on the day my old car payment was due and chatted with a lady named Andrea who instructed me how to cancel the auto payment. I told her I wanted it canceled because I no longer possess that vehicle. She told me to call my bank to have them stop the payment. I knew I was not able to have Wells Fargo stop the payment because it was due on that day. I also HAVE a snapshot of that conversation on my I-Pad. I double checked on 4/24/2013 and spoke to a guy named Brian from Wells Fargo's claim department. He told me that when a payment is out on the day that it is due the bank cannot stop the payment at that time, if it was processed through ACH it should be refundable. It usually takes 3 days before it pops up on an account. Anyways, I found out yesterday, 4/23/2013, as I was checking my bank account that they had withdrew $373.99 on 4/22/2013. I called them and spoke to three different reps. I spoke with the first rep. and told her about what had happened and she told me she will note it and see about the refund, she told me to call my dealer and call them back, so I did. The second rep I spoke with I explained my situation and he transferred me to the third person that day. I again explained it to the third rep and she took note of the dealership, the dealers name, the financial expert at Toyota that I dealt with and I did this all well before Fletcher Jones Toyota Scion here in Las Vegas closed. I can always pull my phone records. The fourth person I talked to today spoke to her manager and I was told unfortunately no I could not get that refund because I suppose Toyota has not done the payoff yet. I should of tried to contact them on the day I traded in the vehicle. On the Santander website it states I could change the due date up to 29 days from the original due date and they didn't even think to refund me and apply that towards the account until Toyota pays them off.

*****May I change my payment due date?*****

[If your account is current, you may request a due date change of up to 29 days from the original due date, or as late as the 25th of the month. Please note that a due date change is permanent. To request such a change, please call one of our account managers toll-free at 1-888-222-4227]

The thing is, I gave all the information on the dealer, the finance guy and the Toyota company and their telephone numbers, did they bother to call check on that and find a way to help their customers? No. I have NEVER missed a payment and I am ALWAYS current. Santander CAN refund, they refunded me when they "accidentally" withdrew $400 some from my bank account last year and turned around and refunded it back into my account. So because of all this, I didn't put the money for the old car payment into the account they withdraw from and it has over drafted my bank account almost $400 dollars and still counting because I only budgeted for the upcoming other stuff on auto pay. Now I have a mortgage due on May 1st, the new truck I traded the ford for and among other bills I HAVE to pay all coming up. I asked the lady I spoke to, so I am paying for a vehicle that is no longer in my possession...and she says, "yes". I will have to wait for the payoff and whatever it is they will refund me. So I don't know if this complaint I am submitting will do me any good, but at least I hope others who read it can benefit from my loss.

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