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HSBC transferred my auto loan to Santander Consumer about 3 years ago and there has been a direct violation of the contract which was originally for 60 payments at 14.9 percent. We have paid 60 payments and Santander claims that we still owe more than 5 thousand dollars, and they repossessed the car when we did not make more than the contracted 60 payments.

Their fees they charge make your payments go on forever we find, and we have learned that for others after they paid off their loan that this company still asks for more. The dealership, a Kia dealership near Chicago no longer in business, lied about the amount financed it is possible, and we are suing them as well. The original deal for the vehicle was for 12.5 K for 60 payments at 14.9 percent. This amounts to $17,500 and we have somehow already paid 22k.

Not to mention, they repossessed the vehicle that we should have already own going by the amount we paid already. Also, they have called us at least three times a day for over a year, a clear violation from what we are hearing.

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I had the same thing about santarder calling me I called the federal trade commisiom I have a stop and desse order.

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