I currently have auto loan with Santander and have been paying Santander since March 2007 when they took over my loan from Citi-Financial. I paid Citi for a year and prior to that I paid the dealership where I purchased the car in 2004 for a year.

I have been paying on this car for 6 years and my maturity date was 2/2012. I have had 4 deferred payments, and was told I still owe over $5,000.

I have called several times requesting detailed information on where this balance is coming from to no availibility? Please Help?

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What sorry deadbeats don't and won't understand is EVERYTIME you pay late, YOU generate extra interest for them. It's all very simple and covered in your contract and its normal with any lender.

So instead of you serial deadbeats whine about a class action suit which completely shows your ignorance of the matter, just pay your bills on time...which is exactly what you promised to do when they were nice enough to find your loan. Oh yes, don't bother...I don't work for them.


can I get a loan to buy a sofa for $2500.00. I have bad credit but I will pay it off in less than a year.


I purchased a used 2006 car with citi finacial as my loan company before they were bought out. Till this day i'm still paying for it.

Santander is telling me that i still owe over $3,000 on my car and i had since 09. Someone really needs get a lawsuit against these people for ripping everyone off. A lot of company's have grace periods!!! Tell me why they don't????!!!!

This is a total rip off and my maturity date suppose to been 3/18/14, but now since i had 3 deferred payments my maturity date is 6/18/14 with $3,000 still owe on my car. Really?????

San Luis Obispo, California, United States #634834

My original loan was HSBC. I was not aware they were bought out due to I continued to receive statements & paid them on time to HSBC.

One morning in 2008 my car was gone...repossessed by Santander stating none payment (at this time I had not received any correspondence/statements from Santander). I contacted HSBC & that is when I found out that Santander now had the loan. I contacted Santander & they would not speak to me regarding details until I paid the $2400.00 they said I was behind. I paid the money and got my car back.

The same day I got my car I faxed to Santander all verifying bank statements & checks proving that I had paid HSBC. The money was then refunded back to me by Santander with just a verbal apology & statement of 'during buy outs some mistakes are made'. Since June of 2008 my car payment has not been late. A few times the payment would be received within the 10 day grace period, but NEVER after that date.

My maturity date was March 2013 & they say I still owe $2400.00...what a concidence that is the exact amount they refunded. I have spoken to several people at Santander and I am told it is 'simple interest accured on those payments that was received during the grace period'. I have bought & paid off several cars during my life time and this is the first time I have ever came across this. Pulled my credit report & no late payments have been noted by Santander.

I am trying to contact an attorney..but not much help yet. Any suggestions?


My husband and I have a car loan with Santander. It was also a loan that we signed with Citi Financial Auto.

Our maturity day is September 2013. They are stating we owe almost $10,000 on our loan wich would make it impossible to pay off by the maturity date. They say its interest. We asked them to email as well as mail a detailed amortization of all of our payments, etc.

I recieved it yesterday. What I found is that we have over paid almost $4,000 in interest. When I subtracted that from the total balance owed it is exactly what we know we owe on the car. To the penny!

Everyone, check to see if you have over paid on your interest! We will be contacting accounting on Monday as well as filing a formal complaint with the FTC so this stops for anyone else that has a loan with this crooked company.

to DidMyOwnAccounting Tampa, Florida, United States #620665

I just found out they did the same to me.

to DidMyOwnAccounting Brooklyn, New York, United States #792373



You people are way too ignorant. I bet every single one of you have either late payments,due date changes, deferments, reduction in payments, or all of the above.

Read your contract. Your attorneys cant do a d*** thing because you signed a contract you didnt understand because you wanted that vehicle so bad. If you have 3 months of deferments, you WILL pay an extra 90 days of interest before anything else goes towards principal. Your contracts are being automatically extended because you cant stay current, and your paying late, or getting deferments.

Lets say your payment is 300. You have a per diem of 3 dollars. (3 bucks per day). You just made your payment 10 days late.

Your paying the 30 days since your last payment PLUS an additional 10 days since you were late. Thats an additional 30 bucks you wont have towards your principal just for those 10 days alone you paid late. Interest accrues every day between payments. PERIOD.

paid 32,000 on your vehicle and it said on your contract 32,000 is what you will pay in the end but you got 10k left?

Want to know whats going on? wow mr consumer, you were over 90 days late 4 times, over 60 days late 8 times, and over 30 days 14 times. Oh, and you have 4-8 deferments that (they graciously helped you with) accrued additional interest.

its in your contract. None of you have an argument, and your lawyers are in stalemate.

to Theunderstanding Overland Park, Kansas, United States #619356

I'm in the same position with a different company. I disagree with the tone of your letter because I sympathize with those who made bad choices, and most of them were unaware of the great significance of it all, such as myself.

However, I do appreciate how you broke this all down, and explained how these companies play on the financially and mathmatcally challenged population. I'm not even sure how to get out of such a mess without accumulating a large sum of money to just pay the financing company off. I'm seriously considering trying to buy a used car under better terms and letting my current car go back voluntarily. But it breaks my heart that I've been trying so hard to do right, re-establish credit, and now I will be right back where I started.

At 43, I'm too old for this.

But another life lesson learned. Thank you for the finance lesson.

to essence350 Arlington, Texas, United States #670901

Try an amoritization schedule on-line. You can see that if you pay on time every month, you will owe the amount defined in your contract.

Now try it with making payments late. It changes the allocation of your montly payment toward Interest first then prinicple, then fees. The more you are late the more money that is applied to interest instead of principle.

The government has defined the rules for this in a law called Reg Z. You have no recourse only bad credit

to Theunderstanding #1081464

I got a loan and have had no problems they even waive a late fee bc of the mailman took a week to get out so my payment was 3 days late and I have talked to them a couple of times they said if we were to pay them off in 3 years we would not pay that much. They have been nice to us so pay ur bills on time pay an extra 2 dollars at Walmart to get it sent in


Same thing here.,I purchased a 12000.00 truck in march of 2005, in dec 2010 I had reached my maturity date but they said I owed over 4000 so we did a remodification for the 4000, the new maturity date is 04/2012. My pay off as of today is 2900.

How is this even possible? This company has to be stopped. In reality I have bought and paid for this truck several times.

Suppose to be fixed interest seems more like variable! Does it ever stop!!


In June of 2007 I took out a lone with a small regional finance company for $7800. My payments were to be $255 a month for 40 months with the first payment due on July 25. My payments were made on time every month. In 2010 my June payment was returned to me as undeliverable. I tried to call my finance company to find out what was going on and the number had been disconnected.

On July 5 or 6 I got a letter from Santander stating that they had taken over my loan. The letter instructed me to call them which I did on July 8. I was told that I was 4 months behind on my payments. I asked how that could be and was told that they took over my loan on April 1 and my payments were due on the 5th. I explained that I had just received their letter dated June 29,2010 a few days earlier and had made my April and May payments to my original finance company. It was not until I got my June payment back and tried to contact them that I even new there was something wrong or different. I offered to fax them proof from the bank that my April and May payments had bee made and accepted. The man provided me with a fax number and I told him I would have it to him in about an hour. I sent it in and he called me back that same day saying that my account had been credited for those two months but I would have to get the June and July payments in within the next 10 days if I wanted to avoid further action from them. I was also told that all payments had to be made by money order or money gram because they did not accept personal checks. I inquired about bank draft checks and was told NO.

I got them the June and July payments in their declared time frame. My original loan was set to mature in November of 2010. I made my final payment and it was not until after the chaos of the holidays that I realized that I had not received my title. I called them the during the second week of January 2011 only to be transferred from on department to another, each one telling me that they could not help me. This is how it went for several calls.

I gave up calling and sent a registered letter to them requesting my title. This got me 10+ calls a day at work, home and at my husbands job. I asked them to stop calling me at work but they continue until my boss told them that it was harassment and if they called the store one more time he was going to sue them for it. When we would answer their calls at home they were rude, demanding, and a few even swore at us. When we would return their calls, they would give us the run around from department to department.

Finally towards the end of September 2011 I was able to speak with a rep that seemed to be helpful. She said that WE had made and error in our accounting and that we had missed 2 payments. I asked her to send me a detailed statement of my account with payment history and all fees applied. She said she would be glad to and we should get it in about 10 business days. No problem right? Three weeks go by and still not statement so I call again, this time I am told that it was in que and should be mailed out the next day.

Not even a week after that last conversation we were involved in an accident that resulted in the insurance company declaring the vehicle a total loss. Minor body damage and it was totaled. My agent called Santander and asked for a loan payoff amount and was told it was $3005! How is this possible?? More than twice what I was told not even a month earlier!?!?!?!?!

Pissed off I called them and was told that it was the two payments back at the very beginning of them taking over that I had missed. The payments totaled $510 so how did it become more than 6 times that? I was told that it was interest, late fees and other penalties. My insurance company cut them a check for $2800 sometime in mid November. That should have left $205 owing according to the quote they gave my agent. The insurance company came and got the vehicle as I did not have the $720 to buy it back from them with a salvage title.

Last month (January 2012) I received a letter stating that after the balance of $2800 paid by the insurance company that left a balance owing of $700 on the principal and with the interest I now owed them $1100. My husband called and got no where with them. The woman he talked to told him that if we had been responsible in the first place none of this would have happened.

Today I got a call from "Carla" she was very rude to begin with and when I told her that they were not going to get a single penny from me and asked to speak with a manager she hung up on me. I called back the number that came up on my caller ID and was told that there was no Carla that worked there. I asked to speak with a supervisor or manager and was transferred to a man that would not give me his name and told me that I was a liar and a dead beat. I tried again to request a detailed statement of my account with payment history and a list of all fees applied. He told me that because my account is no longer an active account and has been placed in their collections department that he can not do that for me.

I was transferred to Jered in the collections department and was told that they do not have access to my entire account history, only the last 6 months. I told him that after I received a detailed statement of my account I would pay them any monies that honestly were owed to them. He called me a cheat and hung up on me.

Someone please explain to me how they have not been shut down??? Making matters worse, due to a broken water main my office was flooded and all my payment receipts from the money orders were rendered unreadable. Now what do I do?


same as above. purchased a SUV in 2006 have made all payments, now with maturation date of 11-24-12 they are showing i still owe more than 10K.

purchase price was only 18k. can we do anything about this.


I was just on hold with them for over 2 hours for a vehicle we purchased a little over a year ago. They cashed our check on Feb 1 2012 for the remaining amount of our loan (OVER $15,000).

They recently started calling us saying that we were 25 days past due with our account and are looking at "late fees" close to $1500. They apparently "lost" our check, luckily for us our bank was able to print out a copy of the front and back of the cashed check (with the account number they cashed the check into on it). Now i have to prove to them that they have actually received our check even though i can tell them exactly which of their accounts our check is in.

If this is not settled by Monday i will be filing a lawsuit against Santander Consumer USA.

If anyone is considering using Santander for a car loan, think twice!!!!!! Nothing but problems with them since we purchased the car over a year ago.

to this company is worthless Brooklyn, New York, United States #792372

Yes I had big problems to I want to file a class action law suit against santandar go to my web site www.freewebspace.com I we can get 100 people or more we can go forwarded.


I have had accounts with varies company and you must pay your bills on time or before your due date. ALL companies have there way of charging for things we don't think we should have to pay.

One thing I know is you must pay it on time and try as much to avoid deferments (if possible) the more deferments of course the more you will still be paying on your loan, mind you the payment is moved to the end of the loan however it does not stop interest from accruing toward this balance. I tell you the higher your rate the more you will pay in the end. so work on your credit so that you get finance with a good rate. I have been on both sides so I tell you from experience.

because if we were to look at all the companies all of them are charging crazy rates, late fees, and amounts for service.

My water bill changes each month but I am doing no more then what I have in the past months, same with lights or just look at when you buy the vehicle and you go to trade it in and it worth 10,000 less than you owe and you have a good interest rate and their was no trade... REALLLLY!!!!


Yes, I identify with all these comments. I've had a loan out with Santander (due to bad credit score only loan I could get) for $16,000 since 2009.

My payments are over $400 a month for 6 years, which still leaves me with another 3 years of this nonsense. Santander claims they do not refinance loans for a lower rate, even though payments are being made on time. Unfortunately there are no distinct usary laws in Texas (where the corp. headquarters is located) so they can basically charge whatever interest they want.

There is no regulation for the interest charged by law. There is currently a class action lawsuit regarding unfair debt collection against this company, so join in and maybe something will end up getting done.


I purchased my vehicle in 2006 through Roadloans and my account was subsequently purchased by Santander. Granted I was a couple of days late (I pay online/by phone) due to the way my payday fell, but these people harassed me mercilessly, contacting previous employers, references etc.

even after I let them know what was going on. I filed bankruptcy in December 2010 and was 1 payment behind. I did not list them to be discharged but rather let them know when I would have the payment caught up (2nd month) and asked for current payment info etc. To date after numerous calls, emails etc.

all I have received is being locked out of my online account. I have no information as to loan balance, payoffs, assessed charges etc.

All I can say for the next person considering Santander is "Caveat Emptor", Buyer definitely beware!!! What a mistake.....


I am having the same proble. I purchased my car in 2007.

I went to trade it in and the daeler told me that I was getting ripped off, that Santander had me paying for the car twice. I recently called and found out I still owe almost $17,000. How is this possible? I eneded up telling them to come pick the car up because at this rate I will never pay that car off.

This is sad people are getting ripped off like this. Something needs to be done.

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