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I bought my Honda a little over a year ago for $15,222 and I owe $15,337 today. How is that possible?!?!

I will tell you...I have talked to so many people with this company and they say "oh sure, you can make your payment next week" But what they didn't tell me was that they will charge me $10 a day for every day I am past the due date. There is no 10 day grace period, they will still charge a fee everyday, they just won't come get the car. They don't want the car back, they're getting rich off me! Santander will get every penny they can out of you, I can't even make my payment without them charging me a fee.

It's ridiculous how they treat consumers. People like me that don't have great credit or can't pay a large down payment have no choice than to go through someone like Santander.

They don't care about us consumers, all they care about is making money. I am so sick to my stomach right now thinking about how these people are getting rich off all middle/lower class citizens.

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Levittown, Pennsylvania, United States #669890

Join in on a class action case against them, I can more than sympathize. This lender is completely out of control.

I don't think it's any coincidence they call themselves USA CONSUMER. It wont be long before this European bank devours whats left of our economy. They're doing the same thing to me. I was current on my loan on may 10th.

They stole my car this week,destroyed my driveway and crashed into my carport. For a vehicle i put 10,000 down on and have made 47 payments at 290 per month.

Best of all..... its a hyundai an 18,000 dollar hyundai.

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