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A lifelong friend of mine in the DFW area of Texas owns a car lot and had purchased a vehicle from an individual who was 6 months behind on their payments. This vehicle will bring approximately 3 thousand more than the payoff at the local major auction house.

Certified funds were sent to Santander in Dallas for the exact amount of which Santander quoted which was 500 dollars more than the seller stated they owed. These funds were sent certified return reciept requested. The card was returned to the car dealer by the post office and had been signed for by an agent of Santander. It has been 3 weeks since this check has been recieved by Santander and no one will acknowledge reciept of funds while repo operations are still in effect.

It appears as though Santander does not want anything but the vehicle which would be more beneficial to them. When Santander was asked for their fax number so they could have a copy of the certified check and a copy of the mail reciept card signed by their employee, they said this was not necessary. Each time you call, you are transferred to many different people none of which could find their own Butt if it were hanging on their nose. What does a guy do?

One word can describe Santander. IDIOTS

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I have had nothing but problem with this company as well. I recently made a payment over the phone, using a FRIEND'S cell phone.

When my payment was 2 days late the next month they CALLED my friend!!! They must have used caller ID to snag the number. They told my friend that I was late and they wanted a payment. They called him several times and each time he told them that it was not my number.

They finally stopped when he said if they called him again he would call a lawyer!

This is only one problem I have had with them...there are many more. I am so sick of them that I am paying my car off 2 years early so that they wont make the interest of my loan.

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