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I was originally with Sovereign Bank, but they were bought out by Santander Bank. Anyway I was paying my loan via the internet for the last 3 years.

My husband had an accident with my vehicle and the insurance company totaled the Jeep. The payoff for the 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited was $2200.76. During that time the next payment came due, so I paid the loan online $180.36 + $10.95 fee. The insurance check was cashed on 10/21/2001.

The payment i made was taken on 10/24/2011.

I called Santander and was correct to expect a refund of $180.36. I waited for over 2 weeks ( this was an electronic transfer ) when i called back Ii was informed that I had to provide evidence of said payments. I faxed their confirmation my bank staement and the insurance confirmation to the bank.

They said it would have to go to a review board and would take 5 days. Today I called back to see when my refnd would be transfered back into my account and was told "since I made the payment and the vehicle was paid off, I would NOT be receiving a refund. What??? Ii asked to speak to the manager, who repeated word for word what I was told, I would NOT be getting my money back.

I filed a complaint with the Consumer Protection Agency and called the dealership i purchased the vehicle from.

That's when I was told that Santander was located in Mexico and doesn't have a great track record with refunds or any type of banking procedures. I even went so far as to let my local TV station know about this issue.

It may not sound like alot of money $180.36, but it's mine and I expect it back!! DO NOT DO BUSINESS with this bank!!

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santander is the devil also had them purchase my loan from sovereign bank i wish i could tell them to come pick up the car and stick it


I've received correspondence from the Bank Commissioner our states Attorney General and Senator Blumenthal's office. They are promising to look into this matter and help me with Santander Bank.

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