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Made an extra payment of $700 on a paid off loan. My fault for doing it, dam automatic payments.

The payment was electronic. I might possibly have been able to reverse the payment, but that window has closed. They have the money, and they will not return it, unless...I send them my full bank statement showing it coming out of my account. Then they will return it in 45 to 60 days.

ONline person says they see the extra payment, even provide the amount and date when requested. Called customer service, they cannot see the extra payment, but if I send my bank statement they will be able to find it.

I asked, what if I do nothing, will you ever return the money...you know the answer.

Review about: Santander Consumer Usa Account.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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I too made an overpaymment in error. I was directed to us Moneygram to pay off the loan balance.

Moneygram would only let me send payments in maximum increments of $600.00. The balance due was 1975.19. I sent one payment for 175.19 and 4 payments of 600.00 each (accidentally hit the enter button twice on the last 600.00 payment. I have been on the phone with numerous reps since Nov 1st and I get different responses from different reps.

No, they don't see the overpayment; yes, we do see it and we'll refund it, then again we don't see an overpayment. As of today, oh we only see a credit of 39.00.

This is absolutely insane. They need to be put out of business!

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